Why Enroll Your Children In Abacus Classes

If someone were to come up to you and ask what is 1887+2347? Your first reaction is to reach out for the smart phone,

but did you know a 6 year old can figure it out without looking into the calculator? How you ask, that is the power of abacus training.

If you don t understand the fundamentals of numbers thoroughly, grasping the idea that complex numbers can be added without an

external learning aid seems impossible. Abacus is used during mental math class which is now available in most places in Singapore.

Why enroll your children in abacus classes?

Abacus has a dual benefit to a child s mental health: it nurtures the development of a stable and strong mind. Building confidence in one subject

at a young age reflects in the overall personality. Abacus training is recommended for children because:

” Strong understanding of math: Math is difficult when it is poorly understood. Learning the concepts at a young age simplifies application

of complex mathematical equations later on in life. Math is the most misunderstood subject because it lacks a tangible mode of learning. Abacus

overcomes this limitation by explaining abstract concepts through beads. Such a concept also improves hand eye coordination. With practice, the child

creates an image of the abacus and can solve questions mentally.

” Logical understanding: As mentioned in the previous point, with time and practice the child learns to solve the problems mentally without the

need of a physical abacus. To do so, the child subconsciously develops the capacity to logically solve problems through correlation with previously

taught concepts. Practicing mental math makes logical solutions second nature.

” Activates right side of the brain: It is now well understood that the brain is divided into two halves, each specific for a nature of physical

function. The left half of the brain is the information analysis center while the right is responsible for visualization and creative thinking. While

performing math questions using pen and paper, it is the left side of the brain which is at work. Right side of the brain is activated when the child

starts to solve math problems using an abacus through creative visualization and memory.

” Improvement in visualization and memory: Memory and visualization are often not given the credit they deserve. Scientists concluded from the

findings of a study that children who practiced learning through the abacus had a sharper sense of visual memory and auditory reaction when compared

to non-abacus learners. Also, abacus learners develop clear visualization as they progress. Visualization is an important skill for learning.

” Improvement in concentration: Researchers from Decker Avenue School California studied the effect of abacus on concentration and found that students

who received such training showed a higher level of concentration as compared to others.

” Other benefits of abacus training includes sharpening physical reflexes, faster rate of calculation, development of photographic memory, improved

reasoning, problem solving abilities and a strong foundation to learning the most important concepts of math which are division, addition, multiplication and subtraction.

Every child possesses an inherent ability to be smarter than their environment. Genes don t determine our intelligence; it is the training we receive while

young which do. Everyone is given an equal opportunity to maximize intelligence. Children who are enrolled in abacus training excel in other subjects apart

from math. As a parent, the most important duty is to ensure that children receive the best education to equip them with all the necessary life skills. Math may

not be a life skill, but the confidence which lays the first stone of foundation from solving a problem, will take them on the road to success.

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