Things to Know When Choosing Playgroups in Singapore

Playgroups in Singapore cater to children between 18 and 30 months of age. Also known as preschools, playgroup Singapore provides a short programme, usually between two and four hours daily, to boost a child’s interaction with other children. For most parents, the decision to take their children to playgroups is the easy one. Where to take the child is even more complicated, because there are at least 1,800 preschools.

In the following article, Rum Tan discusses some of the best playgroups in Singapore and why they are rated highly. 

Features of some of the best playgroups in Singapore 

“As a young parent, I know how playgroups are important to both the baby and the parent.

Playgroups allow the child to get a taste what social interaction is like among other babies. Sure, you don’t expect them to sit together and start playing or sharing toys. Young children start off paired interactions by playing parallel.

Parallel play is where two children playing side by side without influencing each other’s play. Play is an important milestone in a child’s development like we mentioned here and usually occurred after 12 months old.” Read more here  

When seeking a playgroup Singapore, parents often have a list of things they are interested in to eliminate playgroups until they have a viable list. Most playgroups have created facilities that appeal to a majority of parents in a bid to increase admissions. For example, some playgroups include games that encourage skill development, others provide a child-friendly diet, and some focus on a small caregiver to children ratio for personalised attention. 

In the next article, Ming Feng discusses the cost of enrolling a child in playgroups in Singapore.

What influences the cost of preschool programs?

“Most Singaporeans from my time started school at age four at one of those kindergartens founded by the PAP Community Foundation. That was our first school then, but time has changed.

In search of the next Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, parents are looking to give their child a headstart with Early Childhood Development Care and Education.

To give a quick overview of this head start we just talked about, parents are sending their child to Pre nursery (Toddlers) Programme which is as early as 18 months. Before you even realise it, you are starting to go to school.” Read more here

The cost of the preschool program or playgroup Singapore is one factor that makes selecting one playgroup over another a challenge for most parents. One enrolling in playgroup for the first time may wonder why some preschools charge hundreds of dollars, while others charge more than $2000. The government subsidises anchor and partner operators to keep the fees low. On the other hand, private preschools may not have the luxury to keep the rates low if their operating costs are high. Most private preschools offer more services to justify their rates and make their preschool programs more attractive to parents who can afford the fees. 

The next article by Tracy Tristram analyses the various techniques used in preschool programs to make playgroup fun for kids. 

Choosing a preschool according to a child’s personality

“While there are a ton of cool indoor playgrounds and top-notch preschools here in Singapore, we love taking our toddlers to a good old-fashioned playgroup too. If your nursery rhyme repertoire needs some new material, or you’ve exhausted your art and crafts stash, these organised playgroups offer loads of fun. 

At these Singapore playgroups, tots will improve their motor skills, be introduced to music, and they’ll even build on their social skills too. All of which will help kids settle into school when they’re ready for the next big leap!” Read more here

Although playgroups are ideally designed for interaction and play for toddlers, some preschool programs have adopted kindergarten curriculum to make it a play and learning period. If your child is eager to learn, you should consider a preschool that does more than provide play space for your child. If your child enjoys music, you can look for a playgroup Singapore offering music lessons. 

Due to increased competition, preschools are offering a range of services, some at an extra cost. You can assess your budget, your child’s personality, and your child’s needs in preparation for formal education. You should also consider the logistics of dropping and picking up your child, especially if the playgroup you are interested in is far from home. If it is inconvenient, there is no harm in taking your child to a nearby facility. After all, your child may be happier being in a playgroup that is close to home. 



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