Signs Your Child Needs Brain Training

signs your child needs brain training

For several years, scientists have been studying brain training for children and its benefits. There is no doubt that all children have a lot to gain from cognitive training, but some need it more than others. 

While some children go through the various stages of learning easily, some experience difficulty. In Singapore, various brain training centres have been set up to help children find ways to process information easily. 

If you observe these signs, you should consider seeking out brain training sessions for children

Difficulty focusing or paying attention

When children first start their formal education journey in preschool, they naturally have a short attention span. This is because their brains are yet to adapt to school and structured learning. However, as time goes by, children are expected to adjust to sitting in class for a reasonable amount of time and pay attention to lessons. 

Unfortunately, some children still struggle even after being in school for years. If you are overwhelmed with your child’s inability to focus, even when at home, it is best to consider brain training for him or her. 

Forgetfulness and Poor Memory

Many parents often associate their children’s forgetfulness to inattentiveness. However, this is not always true. Some children suffer from poor memory irrespective of how attentive they are. If your child suffers from chronic forgetfulness, you must pay close attention to identify the reason behind it. 

In some cases, the reason for poor memory can be identified and remedied. However, if there is no obvious explanation or solution for your child’s forgetfulness, you should consider brain training. 

Your child may not necessarily be forgetful, but the loss of crucial information necessary for completing a particular task forces him to lose interest in what he is doing. In the long run, this may affect learning and his school performance. 

Uncoordinated movements

Is your child unreasonable clumsy? Does he keep tripping over himself? Your child’s brain influences movement. If your child is too clumsy, there could be a disconnect between the messages sent by the brain and the body’s interpretation of the message it receives. 

It is important to remember that if your child is too clumsy at home, the same may happen to his classwork. Brain training will help your child control his actions and reactions to various situations.  

Struggles to read, write, or even spell

If your child struggles with reading, writing, spelling, or even math, you should consider brain training. It is essential for you to keep track of your child’s school performance. If there is no improvement in school performance over time, your child likely needs cognitive training to help him cope. 

Emotional distress and impulsive behaviour

Is your child impulsive? Does he struggle with his emotions? Brain training for children may be just what he needs to help him act when he is certain of what he needs to do. Many children lose interest in what they are doing and opt to move on to something more interesting. 

Brain training is critical because it helps children understand the importance of completing tasks, even those they consider boring. This training will help prepare your child to appreciate the importance of the school curriculum. Brain training will also help your child identify and focus on his strengths, both academically and socially. 

The competitive nature of Singapore’s education system can be overwhelming for children experiencing the above issues. Opting for cognitive training, especially in the early years, will help steer your child cope effectively with the challenges he encounters later in life. 

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