Everything You Need to Know about Speech Therapy

Speech is one of the milestones that children normally achieve by the time they turn three years. By the 36th month, almost anyone can understand what the child is saying. However, most children start saying some unintelligible words from 18 months. 

There are children who hardly say a word before their third birthday, and for parents, this can be quite concerning. It is not surprising that parents worry when their children fail to achieve set milestones within a specific age. However, it is not always a sign that something is wrong. 

Some children simply have delayed speech and end up talking later. However, it is best to see a speech therapist Singapore to confirm that nothing is wrong. Learn more about Speech Therapy in Singapore here: https://bridgingthegap.com.sg/child-speech-therapy-singapore/.

Why do some children take longer to speak?

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to reasons behind delayed speech. However, there are several reasons why some children struggle to acquire language. In some cases, speech delays are linked to autism and Down Syndrome. 

Other diagnoses linked to speech delays include hearing difficulties, language deprivation, and cognitive development issues. Visiting a speech therapist is critical because some of these diagnoses can easily go unnoticed. 

A speech therapist Singapore will seek to find the reason behind the delayed speech, understand the difficulty level, and recommend an evidence-based solution to support the chosen therapy. 

What should you expect during speech therapy? 

Speech is often considered a natural process, so the idea that a therapist can help a child develop speech leaves many parents curious. How are children trained to speak? Some of the resources that speech therapists use include toys, pictures, books, and tabletop activities. Speech therapists Singapore endeavour to make sure the child is in an environment where they are most comfortable. 

If a child is tense and uncomfortable at the therapist’s office, home, or school sessions are ideal. Speech therapists consider the child’s needs, goals, and whether a group session is ideal. 

Speech therapists use a range of approaches to reach out to the child.

Since all children are unique, the approach will depend on what works. In some cases, a play-based approach is effective. Interactive computer games, board games, and activities that involve role-playing works on some children. Parents are encouraged to adopt the same techniques at home for consistency. 

How long is each therapy session?

Children have a short attention span. During the first few sessions, the child might even resist intervention, so these sessions may not last long. The speech therapist wants to create a conducive environment for the child, o forcing them to sit through long sessions is unlikely to be fruitful. 

Most speech therapy Singapore sessions last between half an hour and 45 minutes. Some therapists prefer an hour-long session. Children with autism require routine, so if this is the reason behind the speech delay, the speech therapist may require frequent visits for optimal success. 

How much does speech therapy cost?

For most parents, the cost of speech therapy can be overwhelming. However, some children need speech therapy Singapore if they are ever to speak. In Singapore, a speech therapy session costs anywhere between $120 and $400 per hour. Some therapists charge between $250 and $450 for the initial assessment, where the cause for delayed speech is identified. Most speech therapists will give a discount if the session doesn’t last an hour.

Speech therapy Singapore is essential if your child has delayed speech. While some children naturally overcome the delays, some need additional help. As a parent, it is important to follow your instinct instead of relying on what other people say about their delayed speech experiences. Children are different, and acknowledging that your child needs help is the first step to helping him or her get the right support. 

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