The Value of Including the English Language in the Curriculum

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The Value of Including the English Language in the Curriculum

English has been introduced in education systems which had neglected its inclusion for years. Countries like China are today massively recruiting teachers of English to help students learn a language that is today considered universal. Adults who missed the opportunity to learn the language in school are enrolling for courses to help them learn and understand the language. Fortunately, English is now being introduced to children are an early age. Children have an easier time understanding languages because they are open to absorbing more information and are not afraid to explore what they learn.

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In this article on, the author discusses the importance of learning English.

The benefits of introducing English to children of school going age

“English is one of the most dominating language of the world which is having its impact on every field of work. Undoubtedly, English play a much greater role in the world that it is inevitable for people to ignore it fully. Here are 10 reasons why English is such an important language.” read more here

Over 1.6 billion speak English. Of this, 400 million are natives. This shows that more people are adopting English as a universal language. Young children cannot and should not escape this reality. It is important for governments, educators, and parents to appreciate the importance of including English in the curriculum. Learning English will not interfere with a child’s ability to learn his or her first language. If anything, children can learn more than two languages at the same time. The positive response to English internationally has increased the possibility of an increased percentage of populations that communicate in English.

In this article, Zeeshan Naved analyzes the contribution made by English to the functioning of today’s world.

How the use of English has impacted the world

“Language is our primary source of communication. It’s the method through which we share our ideas and thoughts with others. Some people even say that language is what separates us from animals and makes us human. There are thousands of languages in this world. Countries have their own national languages in addition to a variety of local languages spoken and understood by their people…” read more here

It is important to appreciate that many nations have their national language. The world would be a difficult place to live if every country spoke their language. Countries are inter-dependent. They do business together and encourage interaction between citizens of various nations because when people come together, great things happen. None of the accomplishments in technology would have been possible without the collaboration between countries. The transport sector would not be worth billions since people would not be traveling as much if there was no common language. Students would not have high stakes goals if they did not have international icons to look up to. Thanks to English, children can dream big and aspire to work in foreign companies.

In this article, Steve Kaufmann analyzes the advantages of learning English.

Opportunities created from the use of English and other languages

“People often want to know the best language to learn to get ahead in life. Many think that learning English, the international language, is the best option. English is of course an excellent choice, but I have to say it’s difficult for me to suggest just one language when my successes in life have come from speaking so many more languages than English. I will discuss the languages that have created opportunities….” read more here

Students have increasingly chosen to learn more than one language. This is true for nations that have a national language that is not English. These nations have introduced English to give students the opportunity to be multi-lingual. Native English speakers have also opted to learn at least one more language. This is because the world has become a global village where opportunities are available to everyone irrespective of the nationality. It has become vital for children to learn English to increase the chances available to them internationally.

English is the universally recognized language spoken by many nations. This encouraged countries to adopt it in the curriculum, primarily as a second language. Parents are encouraged to speak English with their children if possible. This way, there is continuity when they are from school. Learning English becomes easier when children practice its use in their daily lives.

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How English Can Improve One’s Quality of Life

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For some countries, at least in Asia, speaking fluent English is stereotypically known as elitism. This is a bad connotation it does not only mock those who chose to learn the language but can also occur as downsizing to those who did not. Smart shaming is rampant especially in under-developed countries but what we don’t realize is that, English is not a form of elitism but it sets us to the standard level of competitiveness the world needs in order to progress. Improving our English skills is a way to discover something new in ourselves as well.

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The reason why we get intimated with foreigners is that, we think that they are superior only because they converse in English at a native level. Well, in fact, we shouldn’t. It just happens that they know the universal language pretty well that they can talk to everyone of different race and cultural background. We all have the confidence to express our thoughts and ideas and the only thing that is stopping us is the language barrier. That is the main reason why strong comprehension of this language can impact one’s life positively.

To explain further, let’s check out an article from Carol of Preply.

The Importance of English in Today’s World
Language, as far as we know, is something particular to humans. In other words, the essential ability to speak distinguishes humans from all other living things. So language is a communicative tool capable of expressing ideas and concepts, as well as moods, feelings, and attitudes.

All of us are working hard to make ends meet but the most common argument is that, why some people are rich and why some people are not? There is no definite answer but it obvious that some has more privilege than the other. However, that is not always the case. In reality, it is the number of opportunities you can get based on the skills that you have and learning the language spoken around the world means getting various chances globally. Privileges are just little advantage and might expire as time goes by but skills and knowledge sticks to a person for his entire lifetime.

The door of opportunities is always available to everyone but it our responsibility to take one step towards the door and we can do this by acquiring a set of abilities needed in there. If we would wish to work abroad not only for the sake of money but to explore, it should come with a toll and an example of that is blending with people of other nationalities and background. This can sound daunting but actually, it is not for those who are eager to make themselves and their lives better. By removing the fear of incorrect in this aspect, we are opening our minds to many sets of learning and possibilities.

How does learning different language open doors for many people? Author Rachel Kelly will explain to us.

The Importance of English: 5 Ways the Language Can Change Your Life
First and foremost, learning English can help you pursue and obtain more career opportunities. These days, the job market is global; many companies need employees who can communicate with partners and clients all over the world. Very often, that means finding employees who speak English.

In addition, learning a different language does not only give us career opportunities. Based on research, practicing another lingo can sharpen our brain; help us be more focused and receptive of the information given to us. With these holistic benefits, it is no doubt that world renowned geniuses are multilingual. This fact can significantly help students with their academic performance and put values to what they are doing. It can also help them personalize their learning pace to avoid getting pressured of the societal norms.

Concepts obtained in school might fade in the long run especially when the student’s intention is only to have good grades. Practiced language, on the other hand, can stay with a person throughout his life, no matter how far he gets. For instance, non-native speakers who have learned the language and constantly live it out will eventually become bilingual and begin to unconsciously inter-change the tongues he can speak. To move forward is to learn a new basic in life and when that accumulates, a student won’t even notice how far he went.

In this inspiring article by writer Steve Kaufmann, let’s see how English; any other language can impact one’s life.

Why English is important
People often want to know the best language to learn to get ahead in life. Many think that learning English, the international language, is the best option. English is of course an excellent choice, but I have to say it’s difficult for me to suggest just one language when my successes in life have come from speaking so many more languages than English.

Experience, as we know, is the greatest teacher of all. Learning, practicing and connecting to the world using a different language is whole new set of experience for anyone. By opening our minds to these possibilities, we are already improving the quality of life that we have. May be it with the education level we are eligible for, or just the mere act of making friends with people around the world; learning English works both ways.

Sure, English is just another academic subject in school for students but it is how we put importance to it that it will improve the quality of life we are living. Not only to be globally competitive individuals of our respective fields, but most notably as someone who can keep pace with the ever-changing world. It is by how we approach and blend with the world that will ensure our survival in the midst of any circumstances. With language, we do not only learn but we can also nurture others and build a lasting relationship with them.

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How Learning Science Help Students in their Career

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Science is one of the fundamental subjects that students have to study carefully in schools. Because, science offers numerous job opportunities for students when they finish their studies. Science usually comprises of biology, physics and chemistry in school curriculum. If you are looking to improve your performance or your child’s performance in science, do consider Science tuition for Secondary School. When students go to higher studies, they will have wide varieties of science subjects. Especially biology alone widens into subjects like life science, medical science, genetics, food science, biochemistry and much more. Learning these subjects provide lot of job opportunities for students.

Classic Opportunities

Learning physics provides career in high profile jobs like theoretical physicist, astrophysicist, astronomy, aeronautical and information technology. Chemistry is a classic subject that has been offering jobs for people since ancient times. Chemistry is a main subject that teaches how to create and manufacture medicines. Manufacturing medicine is the all-time successful business. Learning chemistry helps you to get jobs in pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Medical Science Opportunities

Medical science also provides high-profile career opportunities that based on science subjects. It offers jobs and helps us to keep our population healthy. Medical science subjects help you to become physician, researcher, professor, teacher, diagnostic specialist or more. Learning medical science leads you to fight against diseases that affects humans and animals. The health officials who studied science plays major role in keeping our environment clean and healthy.

Industrial Opportunities

Studying subjects like food science, nutrition and microbiology helps you to get jobs in food industries. Milk based foods, food fermentation, meat processing and canned foods and drinks are all need persons who studied science. Some of these foods are created by microorganisms which should be handled by microbiologists or other related professionals. The duty of the microbiologists is also to prevent contamination of the foods and improving shelf life of the foods by employing proper packing techniques.

Teaching Opportunities

After learning science in your school and college, you can easily become a teacher. A science teacher can spread the knowledge of science further to young students. Acquiring science knowledge is essential for both life and career. By having science knowledge, you can be a better citizen of the Earth. Once you have the knowledge of science, you will start caring about your environment. Science teachers are the first ones to give you such a science knowledge.

These are the few reasons that explains how learning science in school will help you in your career. Even if you want to follow other career options other than science, such as mathematics, economics or art, learning science in school always help you in your life.

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Pros and cons of the international baccalaureate

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Pros and cons of the international baccalaureate

If you are thinking of the international baccalaureate program then it is time you sit yourself down and make a list of pros and cons of the program. To make life easier for you here is a comprehensive list of all the pros and cons of this program. You can use this list when you are making your decision.


Global Recognition
This is one of the most obvious points that is a major boost. Any IB diploma program that you enrol for is well recognised in every leading university in the world. You are instantly put on the world stage.

Preparation for university
By enrolling in an IB program you are effectively getting yourself into an institute that helps you prepare for university. This program teaches you a lot of fundamental skills that are very helpful at a later time. You will learn how to write essays and reports according to the university style. You can also learn how to carry out an independent research and cite your sources well. In addition, an IB program helps you learn the art of time management and how to efficiently self-study.

Well-rounded education
The vast curriculum that an IB program offers is a major plus point as it is something that no other course offers. There is a wider range of subjects that you are exposed to and thus you have the benefit of choice. It helps you learn to adapt to the different courses, strengthen your personality and push yourself harder to reach the goals.

Personal development
IB programs won’t only help you to grow intellectually but also emotionally. This program can help you become a better person. Having more socially conscious individuals in the world can also work towards building a world where there is more peace.


Length of study
Choosing an IB program is never a walk in the park. It is more like a marathon that you have to keep pushing through. You would need to work consistently and give a solid performance all throughout the 2 years that you spend in the program.

Heavy workload
In an IB program, you need to complete all of the mandatory coursework for the 6 subjects along with essays, projects, and presentations that are an essential part of the 3 core subjects.

Limited flexibility
Even though you have a lot of different subjects that you can choose from there is limited flexibility as there is a wide range of study that is required.

When choosing an IB programme in Singapore you can use this list to decide whether the course is really for you.

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