5 Reasons Why The Bay Hotel In Singapore Is A Cut Above The Rest

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Traveling to a new country is extremely educative and advantageous. Before embarking on a journey, you need to find a hotel that meets with your expectations. Here are a couple of reasons why the Boutique Bay Hotel Singapore is a cut above the rest.

An Ideal Location

If you are an avid sightseer, you are in the right place, because the location is the best. The hotel situated at the hub of Singapore makes sightseeing easy not to mention shopping. Located near the train station and public transit and easy accessibility by car, you are pretty much in the right spot.

Chic Interiors

Every room has glass-enclosed bathrooms with rainfall showers. Free mini bars with Wi-Fi connectivity, floor to ceiling windows and suites gives the guest a panoramic view of the city. Take your pick from a standard room, deluxe, triple deluxe or a suite and you are definitely going to come back for more.

Non Smoking Zone

If you are looking for a place that takes care of its guests, you are in the right place. Not everyone tolerates smoking and the Bay Hotel Singapore delivers on its promise with a non-smoking policy. This is such a welcome change when you compare this with a number of other hotels that do not factor this into their policy.

Unlimited Advantages for Foodies

If you like diving into your meal, you are in the right place with a wide variety of cuisines to suit your palate. The starters are to die for, along with the pizzas and steaks that have a quintessential taste to soothe any mood. The desserts will make you drool for more – just forget about the diet!

Best Rates

The boutique hotel offers the best rates in the city. If you are looking for a long-term stay or a short stay, you are in the right place. You do not have to count your pennies because the prices factor in the needs of the large customer base accompanied with fine dining.

Frequent travelers usually stay at the same hotel. The boutique hotel offers consistency in service coupled with other amenities. When you look at the vast rooms available at the hotel, you are in for a surprise because they differ in character. The aesthetics speak a story of their own ideal for a guests interested in practicing their daily exercise routine to a time when the family joins them. The hotel offers cozy comfort with amazing hospitality.

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