Cost Effective Hotel Buffets In Singapore

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When speaking of the cost effective or budget hotel buffets in Singapore, it is important to remember the difference between the budget options and the cheap ones. The latter is known for poor quality of service and is the top reason for many people to avoid. The former is about buffets that provide good quality of service with attractive menus for an affordable price. Check into one of these hotel buffets in Singapore if you wish to have a delicious day out on a budget.

Crystal Jade Kitchen

Crystal Jade Kitchen is known for its Holland V special steamboat restaurant. The place is well-kept and hygiene is taken care of. Ambiance is of the fine quality and does the job of prepping up for a good round of munchies. The sauces on offer are clean, homemade and fresh. The unlimited soft drink supply comes as a tip from the service team on its toes. Although the menu lacks variety in meat and the soups are bare.

Chicken Up

Chicken Up is widely known as one of the expensive buffets in the city. Otherwise, the weekday chicken buffet is the best option it provides for budget diners. The beef will come up just $7 short of being the best budget option. Surprisingly, the chicken buffet features a variety of flavors like crispy, sweet and spicy. These chicken pieces are full with drumstick and wing. The chicken stew of Korean style and unlimited supply of fries are other budget highlights for this buffet.

The House of Steamboat

House of Steamboat provides the best soups in both taste and variety for a budget price. The No-MSG soups are prepared specially by the chef. Other attractions here include the stunning barbeque. Both steamboats and barbeques can be obtained for a decent amount of money. Vegetables can be obtained by self-service and unlimited meat can be ordered from the menu. All fried foods are free on offer.

Coca Restaurant

It is a restaurant that is well-established and well-known for its Suki steamboat dining of Thai style. They have three branches in different parts of Singapore. A good option for a budget feast is the lunch which can be obtained for under $26. The food provided taste fantastically with their special Coca sauce. The dinner includes flower crabs, oysters and prawns, but it is a little pricier than the lunch menu.

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