4 games to boost vocabulary in your kindergarten children

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Many a times we are stuck inside the house on a free weekend, either because of the weather or because the weekend laziness simply doesn’t allow you to go out. However, someone who is still full of energy in the house is your preschool child. And we all know weekends are really the only quality time we get to spend with them. Always coming up with fun things to do with our little ones is indeed a challenge. Here are a few simple activities, that you can do indoors, that will make this boring weekend the most amazing time you ever had.

1.Origami: Colourful papers and creative shapes really get our children excited. Origami is something that both children and adults enjoy. Many Preschools in Singapore like Cherie Hearts actually recommend origami for its various benefits. Origami helps to build visual and geometrical processing. It also helps to build mindfulness. The children would enjoy the whole process of creation. Once they learn one particular object, you can spice things up and put a timer to see who can make it first. Children get really hooked on origami. They would calmly sit and try to concentrate as they figure out how to make caps and dogs out of paper. It is a great way to make them listen to you and it would save you all the running around in the house.
2Treasure hunt: One of the simplest old age games which we don’t think of unless we have a party, can make your weekend way more cooler than it was going to be. Take a few chits, put a few simple riddles and let your child finally go on the quest they read about in books. What can even work better is, once they find their treasure, you can challenge your kid to make a treasure hunt for you. It will push the creativity of your child, plus they would really be excited at the idea of making their parents do something for a change.
3.Twist and tale: A simple fun activity is to choose one of your child’s favourite stories. Re-read or tell it to them, but stop at a critical point and ask them to continue the story in a different way. Ask them to bring in a plot twist or think of a different ending. The game pushes for critical thinking, imagination and the verbal skills of the child. Children feel great when given the freedom to let things happen the way they would like it.
4.Sense it : Gather random objects from the house with different textures, tastes and smell. A few items you could bring in are toothbrush, different fruits, pillow, calculator, remote, books, and some of their toys. Blindfold your child and ask them to guess the object in their hand through their other senses. Children love the thrill of the game and it is a great way to practice and polish their other senses which they are less aware of. Bring in a diversity of items and confuse them to make it more challenging.
5.Cut and paste: Though this might get a little messy, your children would love it and it would also help them revise their vocabulary. Get old books , magazines and newspapers and ask your children to find different animals, shapes, buildings , a colours, or even different words. Ask them to cut it and make a pretty collage out of it. You can even push them to create a drawing, poster or story out of it. This game can help them develop in every area possible as it pushes their academics, craft and art skills, visual processing and creativity all together.
There is no end to creativity and the number of activities can go on. Come up with something different every time and let the fun continue.

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